japanese made banjos

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-ms-flex-order:0; Fifth string tuning peg(machine head) for banjo- Made in Japan by Gotoh- 1:13 gear ratio- Vintage cream coloured button- Nickel plated- 9.5mm(3/8", Click Here. z-index:101 Nice sound-pretty wood. .dialog{

And have a great day. -webkit-box-pack:justify; line-height:40px; shipping $25.00 US- Some international $75 Rules and Condition of Sale: PLEASE READ! margin-bottom:50px .main-heading{ North Carolina residents will be required to pay North Carolina Sales Tax upon pickup. -ms-flex-direction:column; color:#ffffff I have stared and stared at examples of these banjos (and purchased some) and have come to this conclusion: there are only 2 major Japanese banjo manufacturers, Kasuga and …

.search{ margin-left:48px -webkit-transform:translateX(0); Brand new bridge and strings is all I did to it. IADA NO RESERVE! Any items paid for after 3pm CST Friday, will be sent out the following Monday.


Impulse buying and external validations are habitual. } height:24px

#main{ display:flex; -webkit-order:4; Beautiful Vintage Japanese made#4293 Alvarez Silver Belle 5 String Banjo. Overall this piece is in good condition with some cosmetic wear from use. clip:rect(1px,1px,1px,1px);

flex:1 1 auto -ms-flex-pack:justify; A rare chance to pick up one of these hard to find beauties. margin:0 12px; .page .widget.FeaturedPost .post-footer{ margin-left:40px

padding:0 Has some wear, scratches nicks and such but not bad. -webkit-box-flex:0; } -webkit-transform:translateX(-3888px); Thanks!ATL Music and Education Buy it now on eBay liag00444rep, FIVE DAY AUCTION! ALL OF OUR SALES INCLUDE A 7 DAY FULL SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. With original case. .sidebar-container .widget ul ul{ .widget.FeaturedPost .featured-post-snippet:before{ Double your traffic. color:#000000; There are 30 hold-down clamps for the head.

height:50px top:0;

[12], Japanese extreme metal band Zenithrash played shamisen and shakuhachi in their latest album to achieve the band's ideal of Japanized extreme metal. The potential is there in some foreign instruments; if not properly set up, all bets are off. display:none height:1px; Offering an Aida 5 string banjo in original hard shell case. A lot of the hardware shows major"brassing" from the plating having worn off and some of the hardware. SINGAPORE, GERMANY, MALDIVES, INDIA! } As the item is being advertised locally, the seller maintains right to end the auction early.

display:block BID TO WIN! International Buyers– Please Note: Import duties. And looks to need to be tightened down from the inside.

Frets and fretboard are both in excellent, condition.

#comment-editor-src{ Recently, avant-garde inventors have developed a tsugaru-jamisen with electric pickups to be used with amplifiers, like the electric guitar: the electric tsugaru-jamisen[5] has been born. min-height:100% .centered-bottom,.centered-top{ } -webkit-order:3; .widget.Profile .individual .profile-link,.widget.Profile .team .visit-profile{ padding-top:0 The truth is, is that when you open the case, you won't believe what a gem you will have for an instrument made in 1977-78. EXCEPT TO BRAZIL AND ARGENTINA. #comments .comment .comment-footer,#comments .comment .comment-header,#comments .comment .comment-header .datetime,#comments .comment .comment-header .datetime a{ } Traditionally, silk strings are used. Because of the thickness of both the strings and neck of the futozao shamisen, the Tsugaru bridge in general tends to be longer than the others. .search-expand{

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