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Bye! 19:44 A standing ovation and David says that we could be looking at the winner! Thu 8 Oct 10:00am It's quite impressive that he can, you know, play the piano and stuff.

Luckily I've written 'Don't let Simon fool you' in green ink and strapped it to my tinfoil hat. ( Log Out /  Poor old Jean. This is an outrage. 20:31 They all look very swish this evening in their posh suits and yet another polished performance. It's MICHAEL COLLINGS, whose talent is DEMONSTRATING A BASE LEVEL OF MUSICAL ABILITY DESPITE NOT BEING CONVENTIONALLY ATTRACTIVE. 20:14 OH MY GOODNESS!

20:52 And now a collaborative performance from Little Mix and Diversity combined! And he says ‘I hope my little Eric turns out like you.’ **SIMON SHOWING HIS EMOTIONAL SIDE ALERT** Look at the £ signs in his eyes when he looks at them…. 7.59pm: Simon's making it very clear in the VT that Ronan might not win. This is because Charlotte Church has already happened, and Jackie's handlers know better than to ever let her within 500 miles of an open bottle of WKD.

Definitely a way to grab the attention of the audience and viewing public. He basically has four moves (Jumping, doing the splits, handstands, sort of wobbling about a bit) and he's had to string them out for three performances now. This is really it. One day. I ‘Promise This’ (see what I did there? That was TRULY ‘edge-of-your-seat’ viewing! He'll never get me, that Simon Cowell. But not Britain's Got Talent. Disappointing. Get ready for an EPIC musical EXTRAVAGANZA at the BGT FINAL! And are there any acts who you wanted to be in the final, but aren't? 19:35 A boo-ing audience at Cowell. Will Darcy manage to keep the judges on-side this evening? So, by winning, Collabro could do even better! 8.50pm: Oh, hang on, there's a special guest. 21:15 YOUR TOP 3: Bars and Melody, Collabro and Lucy Kay. So what did you make of the first two acts? Sat 4 Jun 2011 13.28 EDT 8.55pm: A prediction: Jackie Evancho will grow up to be one of the world's best opera singers. Previous BGT winners Diversity will be showing the acts how it’s truly done tonight when they take to the stage later.

19:27 I’ll be honest. Comic Relief 2017: 10 of the best ever sketches! TO FACE! And, in a way, isn't that the real prize? 20:33 ‘You have steel in your eyes when you sing.’ – Simon Cowell.

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I take it all back.

9.12pm: Oh hi there Popstar To Operastar. Amanda and Alesha looking very glamorous, Walliams has gone for a white suit and Simon once again has his chest hair out!

And I want to raise the resulting baby. She just loves life, doesn't she? Everyone stop not voting for anybody, please.

Careful Amanda, he is a frequently booked guest on the show, don’t annoy him! 19:33 And Simon has pressed his buzzer for real! Simon calls Paddy a ‘little minx’. Jai Macdowell has somewhat surprisingly won Britain's Got Talent, Simon Cowell can go back to America and pretend none of this ever happened and we can all look forward to Britain's Got Talent 2012, which at this rate will be judged by Amanda Holden, Simon Cowell's droopy eyelid, a stick of rock, Louis Walsh and Louis Walsh. But then he wouldn't, wouldn't he? Simon and David certainly look happy with Cheryl’s performance! He hasn't hitched his skirt on live TV up or anything yet. In total, she might have only hit about 10% of the notes she was supposed to, but that doesn't matter. The winner of Britain's Got Talent is about to be announced. The Final, Saturday, 7:30pm. Now. In and out of their seats every two minutes! Or it's an elaborate double-bluff. 8.26pm: In other news, it's time for RAZY GOGONEA, whose talent is FLINGING HIMSELF ONTO THE FLOOR A BUNCH OF TIMES AND CRYING. I miss her already. 7.09pm: For those of you new to Britain's Got Talent, Steven's thing is that he's old and wears glasses. 10.00pm: And that's it.

Lucy finishes her performance in tears bless her, overcome by nerves it seems.

You’re 2014 Britain’s Got Talent WINNER is…, 21:20 3rd PLACE: BARS AND MELODY (shame, but I am sure that Simon will give them a record deal). 19:48 BREAKING NEWS…. 9.43pm: Obviously that was guesswork on my part. Instead of playing all the intros to every piano ballad ever written, Paul has decided to play his own song. I wasn’t a big fan of the act before, but that song may have actually won me over. Another year of Britain’s Got Talent is over and boy did all of the acts do Britain proud! Will there be a hilarious medley of bad acts? On an unrelated note, good work down there in the comments. I bloody love her. I think I just got a little bit lost in Lucy’s stunning performance of Nessun Dorma. 19:12 It’s a glitzy affair for Clegg tonight with an Oscars-style set and he’s wearing a boe-tie. Change ), BGT Final Live-blog (Blogged live 7/6/14), 2014: A year in entertainment | Jordan's Mantelpiece, BGT Semi-Final 5: Live-blog (Blogged live 31/5/14), A Million Ways to Die in the West: Review, Comic Relief 2017: Everything you need to Nose.

Next is JAI MCDOWELL, whose talent is BEING A MARGINALLY LESS WEIRD VERSION OF RHYDIAN OFF X FACTOR. Precisely what did any of us do to deserve this? But what do I know, eh? Look, it'll be soon, OK? When will Simon Cowell's face begin to involuntarily droop? 8.04pm: The judges, predictably, all love Ronan. 7.38pm: The judges aren't having it.

That'll cheer you right up, won't it? Now we're going to be treated to an introduction to Popstar To Operastar, so I'll only update sporadically about that for the next 30 minutes. I need to watch every moment of this.

9.39pm: So many comments, all bragging about not owning a television. 19:51 – James Smith- 15-year-old James Smith is a talented vocalist and guitarist. But don't you dare go anywhere. Someone call him a taxi, please.

Is this because he's ill, because he KNOWS THE TRUTH? Hardly seems worth it in retrospect, does it? You hear that, internet? 19:04- The Addict Initiative are first up!

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